Social VR is What Will Drive The Future of Virtual Reality
Jan 10, 2018

Boston University

LAS VEGAS — The future of virtual reality lies in creating social VR experiences where people can interact with their friends and loved ones, panelists at a session on the current state of AR and VR said at CES on Tuesday. Kam Diba, President of Reverge VR discussed the current state of AR and VR, highlighting content and platform challenges at a Research Summit Conference.

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The challenges of AR/VR content in the future
Jan 9, 2018

In data obtained by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), by 2018, 4.9 million sets of Virtual and Augmented Reality (RV and RA , respectively) will be marketed jointly , only in the US market, in the course of 2018. This data reveals an important fact: this type of digital platforms have started to take off , but it will depend on the content creators that this technology becomes a platform used by the bulk of the public or remains, as up to now, as a scarcely used resource.

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8 Creative Business Promotions That Work Wonders
Dec 6, 2017 
Huffington Post

If your competitors are sending run-of-the-mill email campaigns to promote their goods and services, stand out from the crowd. Put your consumers in suspense with these promotions that are sure to win them over.

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5 Signs Your Business Has Lost Its Momentum (And How You Can Fix It)

Sep 9, 2017  

All Business Journal

When your employees seem to have given up on your mission or you’re no longer striving to generate growth, your business is heading for a dead end. But it’s not too late to turn things around.

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Facebook Unveils Two New VR Cameras With ‘Six Degrees of Freedom’
April 19, 2017

Wired Magazine

The company first revealed its 360-degree camera ambitions a year ago, and it open sourced its initial design in July, freely sharing the blueprints and software with the world at large. The hope was that others would riff on the designs, and small companies like RevergeVR and ImagineVision did just that.

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Digital media students deliver cutting-edge storytelling in new virtual reality course

Feb 28, 2017  

Liberty News

Students at Liberty University’s School of Communication & Creative Arts are pioneering the digital art of storytelling using virtual reality (commonly referred to as VR) in a pilot course offered by the Department of Digital Media & Communication Arts. Leading the class is visiting guest lecturer Kam Diba, founder and president of Reverge, a digital marketing company that is one of the world’s trailblazers in virtual reality production and distribution.


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10 Inspiring Advertising Designs
Feb 6, 2015  

Print Magazine

Advertising designs showcase graphic design’s power. The ability to encourage people to buy a product, attend an event, or to change a previously-held perception through one graphic design creation is simply astounding.

Creating great advertisement copy involves interdisciplinary approaches in both visual and verbal communication—branding, typography, images, contrast, unity and hierarchy intertwined to deliver a strong message.


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The Future Comes into Focus at Gold 100 Summit

Oct 1, 2009  

Trade Show Executive

A spectacular sunny Southern California day was
the backdrop for the Trade Show Executive Gold
100 Summit, where a top-notch roster of speakers
shined some light of their own on the latest forecasts
for the industry as well as burning issues that included
social networking, branding, innovation, exclusives,
discounting and experiential marketing

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